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About Darlene
 After struggling my entire life with dissociative identity disorder, multiple personality, chronic depression, and the effects of child sexual abuse,  in 2006 I finally found the help that I needed and I began to emerge from broken. My life today is dramatically different than what it used to be. Living, really living, isn’t just getting from one day to the next coping with those issues. Living is fully embracing life and participating in it. It is about knowing who I really am and not being defined by my past or by any other person.

Everything changed when I learned to look at “where the broken began.” My journey has been both difficult and exciting, instilling in me an extreme passion for helping others live in freedom, without the shackles of fear and shame. Wherever we find ourselves in the recovery process, we have the hope of wholeness and a purpose filled life. Mine is a story of hope. Having come from the depths of despair to being thrilled at the prospect of a new day, this blog is about the process of healing, learning to face fear and walking forward in truth and joy. It is about thriving and flourishing in day to day life knowing that I wasn’t born broken.

I am a certified professional life coach, emotional healing expert and inspirational speaker. I’m happily married to the man I used to be unhappily married to and together we share life with our three children, (all young adults today) cows, pets and horses on the wide open spaces of Southern Alberta Canada. If you would like to work with me, please see my coaching and consulting information page. I work with clients internationally, over the phone or on Skype.

If I can do it, YOU can too!  ~ There is Freedom on the other side of Broken

Darlene Ouimet CTACC

Founder of Emerging from Broken


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  1. By: Renee Evans Posted: 16th February

    Hi Darlene I’m downloading your book . I am 49 yrs old married with a daughter & 3 sons . My mother in my childhood & my adult years has inflicted so much emotional pain alcohol abuse neglect abandonment & abuse competes with me manipulates me & has always competed with me with my now 26 yr old daughter . I need help now . I have issues with depression panack atacks & feelings of worthlessness feeling like I don’t matter . It is confusing when she talks to me like she’s jellous of me tries to undermine me with my daughter & turn me against my husband can be very hateful & horrible to my husband 14 yr old son now & is very hateful mean to my grandchildren . my mother is 75 & divorced she’s been married 8 times to very dysfunctional men . she’s even more hateful & controlling when things were great in her life now she’s lonely & acts like she resents that I have the successes that did not work out for her. Her last husband left her . when my daughter was 8 her ex husband molested my daughter . I was molested by one of her boyfriends when I was a child I have been through a lot & I really need help thankyou I’m glad I found your website

    • By: Darlene Ouimet Posted: 18th February

      Hi Renee
      Welcome to EFB. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad you are here!
      Hugs Darlene

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